Azure Restaurant Manager

Job Reference: 12AF&BAzureRestMgr

Job Summary

We are looking for a guest-orientated career restaurateur who is a strong leader and charismatic showman with a sense of urgency and high attention to detail, to manage our signature Restaurant Azure on a day-to-day basis.

Minimum Experience and Qualification Required:

  • Diploma in Hotel or Food & Beverage Management
  • Must have at least 4 years food and beverage service experience in a 4/5* Hotel Restaurant or Fine Dining Establishment; of which 2 years should be in a management role
  • Computer literate with working knowledge of Microsoft Office Outlook, Word and Excel
  • Experience at operator level of a Point of Sales System – exposure to Micros advantageous
  • Experience at operator level of a Stock Management System – exposure to FnBShop advantageous
  • Highly presentable
  • Solid English verbal and written communication skills
  • Fluent with hospitality language and terminology, particularly food and beverage vocabulary
  • Exposure and understanding of restaurant financials
  • Experience in Service Recovery
  • Able to work flexible hours, weekends and holidays

Advantageous experience and qualification desires:

  • Exposure to Micros
  • Exposure to FnBShop
  • WSET Level 1
  • WSET Level 2

Key Performance Objectives:

  • To be a Red Carnation Hotel Ambassador by:
    • Actively living our company mission and values and striving to deliver on our promise of “No Request too Large; No Detail too Small” at all times
    • Owning and practicing our “Top 12” Service Standards every day in every interpersonal encounter whether with guests, colleagues or suppliers
    • Ensuring that you are familiar with, adhere to, and manage other according to the Hotel’s code of conduct as set out in the Employee handbook
    • Creatively seeking opportunities to surprise and delight our guests by actively listening to them and building positive relationships and emotional connections
    • Working together with your manager and team to be as effective and productive as possible by accepting constructive feedback and embracing all training and development opportunities made available to you
    • Being aware of the emergency evacuation, security and fire procedures of the Hotel and to be constantly vigilant of the health, safety and security aspects; and reporting any risks to the Health and Safety Chairperson and/or Security Manager
    • Actively seize opportunities to minimise our carbon footprint by reducing wastage as much as possible without compromising on guest service standards
    • Be happy in your work environment, to make constructive observations to improve working conditions and maintain a culture of teamwork and guest orientated service
    • Actively seize opportunities to minimise our carbon footprint by reducing wastage as much as possible without compromising on guest service standards
  • To manage the Azure Restaurant Team in accordance with Red Carnation Hotel Management principles by:
    • Ensuring constant floor presence during peak operational times; interacting with both staff and guests in a constructive manner, fostering positive relationships; and by taking personal responsibility for every guest and staff situation, seeing it through to its solution
    • Co-ordinating special requests and extraordinary tasks in accordance with SOP
    • Ensure a guest satisfaction check of every guest within the outlet; dealing with any concerns and complaints in accordance with company service recovery guidelines; and by personally checking quality of both service and product on a continuous basis
    • Actively proposing promotional ideas on a regular basis as well as actively driving the sales and upselling culture of the restaurant to ensure an exceptional guest experience and the financial health of the business
    • Ensure that all guest enquires are responded to within the response guidelines of Red Carnation Hotels
    • Ensuring that all 1:1s and appraisals are completed timeously in accordance with the Hotel Communication Planner with the aim of nurturing a positive and honest relationship with employees with the goal of achieving the highest performance of excellence out of your team and high levels of staff retention
    • Being actively involved in the training and development of each team member by supporting their learning through on-the-job application and coaching, making them available for all appropriate training opportunities and holding the team member to account for the learning that they have successfully assimilated
    • Applying the performance management and corrective action tools in accordance with the Hotel’s Code of Conduct with the aim of exhausting all opportunities to correct and support staff before utilising avenues for employment termination
    • Ensuring that staff are rostered according to the peaks and troughs of the business; ensuring that there is always sufficient labour available to meet our high guest service standards while keeping labour costs to a minimum; and ensuring that all staff are afforded time to take sufficient rest by scheduling off days and leave in a manner that allows for work/life balance and high levels of morale and productivity; and ensuring there is roster flexibility to adapt to unscheduled absences like sick leave and family responsibility leave; and recording all attendance correctly and timeously on Net TimeSheet
    • Recommending updates to hotel policies and procedures, in order to maintain high standards and provide the best possible service to guests, and implement improvements where required
    • Develop the Azure brand within the Cape Town hospitality industry by innovation and creativity
  • To manage staff ensuring that:
    • Guest Service in the Restaurant is in accordance with Red Carnation Hotels and Leading Hotels of the World standards
    • Mise en place requirements are completed in accordance with SOP
    • Operating Equipment is correctly managed to ensure sufficient stock and minimal breakages
    • Performing daily checks of the restaurant area cleanliness and repair ensuring that the venue is guest ready
    • Running of daily team meetings before service ensuring that staff are fully briefed of the restaurant and guest requirements of the day
    • Updating all Azure staff timesheets within three days of clock-in and meeting payroll monthly deadlines
  • To manage the day-to-day operations of the Azure Restaurant by:
    • To ensure that beverage stock movement is correctly and accurately tracked; as well as captured on FnBShop
    • To ensure end of service cash-ups and float management are completed in accordance with SOP
    • Co-ordinating special requests and extraordinary tasks in accordance with SOP
    • Monitoring and reporting cover counts and average spend trends
    • Ensuring all maintenance concerns are reported as they occur; and then followed-up on daily until they have been resolved