The Red Carnation guide to responsible travel


Working with the TreadRight organisation, Red Carnation Hotels shows how to to get the most out of travel while staying responsible.


To celebrate the support Red Carnation Hotels gives to environmental and community initiatives, alongside the TreadRight Foundation, we’ve taken a look at the ways in which we can all travel more responsibly and sustainably.

Learn a little about the destination

To fully embrace the destination you’re travelling to, begin by picking up a few phrases in the local language. Not only will this ingratiate you with the locals, it will result in a more immersive and rewarding experience. Following on from this, do a little homework into the local culture and customs.

Respect the culture and customs

With religious beliefs and political issues in particular, there may be cultural factors that you need to be sensitive to. Dress appropriately for cultural sites, and remember to ask before taking photos of local residents.

Help protect the environment

Visitors can play a part in protecting the local environment by cycling between sites or getting around on foot, as well as by staying in a hotel that’s ecologically friendly. An example of conservation projects within Red Carnation Hotels is the work carried out by The Twelve Apostles in Cape Town, who strive to protect Table Mountain National Park. And while each hotel has their individual projects, Red Carnation as a whole supports a number of conservation initiatives, such as The Cape Leopard Trust and The Loggerhead Marine Life Centre, in partnership with the TreadRight Foundation.

Responsible Travel

Support the local community

In working with the local community, hotels can contribute to the country’s economy and prosperity of society. At Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve, guests are given an introduction to the local culture that defines the region’s identity, including tours of the land’s rock art. And in addition to the Treadright Foundation-supported environmental projects, community initiatives are carried out, too, including Just a Drop.

Celebrate the ancient heritage

As a reminder of the past and true reflection of a destination’s identity, heritage and history is vital to preserve. Ashford Castle was re-opened in 2015 after a two-year renovation and restoration programme, now showcasing the 13th century building’s heritage at its very best. The Milestone Hotel in London is another fine example, having preserved the architectural heritage that makes the setting so special.

Responsible Travel

Reduce the litter you leave

Small efforts in protecting the environment also make a difference, including reducing the amount of litter you leave in a destination. Carrying a reusable water bottle helps reduce waste, and it’s worth making the effort to recycle whenever you can.

Buy local

Shopping for locally made artisanal goods can help keep traditions alive. Ashford Castle supports local artisans, enabling guests to buy distinctly Irish products to take home. It’s also important to not to buy any illegal wildlife products. In partnership with the TreadRight Foundation, Red Carnation supports organisations such as WildAid, the Wilderness Foundation, the Endangered Wildlife Trust, and Wildlife SOS, who are continually tackling illegal poaching.

Responsible Travel

Offset carbon emissions

While we all love to travel, the emissions air travel causes are always of great concern. Consider offsetting the carbon emissions of your flight with a scheme like Carbon Footprint.

Support organisations after arriving home

On arriving back in your home country, why not continue contributing to the brighter future of these causes, many of which benefit hugely from donations.

Find out more about the environmental and community efforts of Red Carnation Hotels, and our partnership with the TreadRight Foundation.

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