Red Carnation Hotels and the Golden Keys Concierge


How a Golden Key Conceirge makes Red Carnation Hotels service the best there is.


It was all the way back in 1929 that Les Clefs d’Or, the Society of the Golden Keys, was set up in Paris with the passionate founders’ vision of bringing concierge from across the city together, while enabling them to be the very best in the industry. The society is driven by the same ethos today, but on a far-reaching global scale, with dedicated members from 40 organisations worldwide. Red Carnation Hotels is proud to be among these organisations, with exceptional Golden Keys concierge ensuring each guest’s stay is impeccable.

Recognising a member of the association is easy; reflecting the society’s name, Les Clefs d’Or gives each member a distinctive Golden Keys lapel pin in recognition of their achievement. Before becoming a member though, concierge must prove they meet Les Clef d’Or’s exacting standards, showing professionalism, knowledge and integrity in their work, as well as going through a rigorous selection process. These are the concierge who you know will always go the extra mile.

In French, ‘concierge’ means keeper of the keys, but their job is in fact all encompassing; this is the member of the hotel staff who strives to do whatever they can to assist guests and make each of their stays more enjoyable, from making local recommendations and booking tickets to getting guests the best seat at the theatre or that hard-to-get restaurant reservation. Naturally, this attention to detail always comes with a warm smile.

Golden Keys Concierge

Here at Red Carnation Hotels, a number of concierge have been given the Golden Keys accolade. London is well represented with Jose Pauco of The Milestone Hotel, Darren Briggs of The Chesterfield Mayfair, Tom Bergin of The Rubens at the Palace, as well as Mustafa El’Omari and Jorge Alvarez of The Montague on the Gardens all as Les Clef d’Or members. Over at Ashford Castle in Ireland, David McCormack is a member, too, as well as Emilie Garnier of Hotel d’Angleterre in Geneva. While these concierge strive to provide the best service they can, each of their personalities shines through, making connecting with guests easy.

Golden Keys Concierge

The latest concierge to become a member of Les Clefs d’Or was Masood Sadulla, Head Concierge of The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa in Cape Town, making him one of only 13 South African concierge to be within the international association. In his role as Head Concierge at The Twelve Apostles, Masood has proven his passion for delivering exceptional service, even acting as Duty Butler to VIP guests, including the Saudi Arabian Royal family and celebrities such as Lady Gaga. Having now achieved his personal goal of being a part of Les Clefs d’Or, Masood endeavours to rise to the challenge this accolade delivers by striving to be among the best in the industry.

Golden Keys Concierge

In fact, each and every concierge at our luxury boutique hotels aims to offer exceptional service that’s personalized to each individual guest. In this way, everyone who has stayed at a Red Carnation Hotel can leave having had a positive and memorable experience, whether on business or travelling with the family (this includes the family pets, too). At Red Carnation Hotels, no request is too large, and no detail too small.

Image credits: Cover photo of the lobby at The Twelve Apostles © Red Carnation Hotels. The Chesterfield Mayfair welcome © Red Carnation Hotels. The Old Government House Hotel © Red Carnation Hotels. Masood Sadulla at The Twelve Apostles © Red Carnation Hotels. The pet concierge at Hotel d’Angleterre © Red Carnation Hotels.

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