Celebrating World Elephant Day with the TreadRight Foundation


As World Elephant Day come around again we look at the new wildlife initiative, Wildlife SOS, and how its promoting elephant welfare. 


10th August 2016

The Twelve Apostles Hotel

As World Elephant Day comes around once again, it’s time to celebrate this majestic animal’s place in the world and reflect on the welfare of the species. Red Carnation Hotels is prouder than ever to be working in partnership with the TreadRight Foundation, which earlier this year announced the founding of a new wildlife initiative, Wildlife SOS, promoting elephant welfare through education.

Based in India, where as many as 60 per cent of the world’s elephants can be found, Wildlife SOS uses funds raised by the TreadRight Foundation – in partnership with The Travel Corporation – to reduce the number of elephants working and used as entertainment in India’s cities and slums, believing the key to success is through education of the local people.

This crucial project begins with the construction of an Enforcement Training Classroom at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Here, staff will be trained in anti-poaching efforts and wildlife laws, and taught how to combat the human-wildlife conflict that’s so often present where people and wildlife live in such close proximity.

World Elephant Day

Since Wildlife SOS began, the staff have endeavoured to rescue mistreated elephants they come across, too. One such success story is the rescue of Rhea, an elephant who was used as entertainment at a zoo in Tamil Nadu. Having been fed, watered and transported to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura, Rhea is now free from this former working life.

Another part of the world that’s home to a significant proportion of the world’s elephant population is, of course, Africa, which despite having a healthy number of the species is sadly where many elephants are hunted for their ivory. The TreadRight Foundation’s project partner WildAid focuses on this very issue. With funding from TreadRight, WildAid runs the Conservation through Communication campaign, focusing on reducing the demand for endangered species products by educating the consumers.

World Elephant Day

Each part of the world is undoubtedly defined by the wildlife and eco-systems that lie within it, making TreadRight Foundation’s Wildlife Initiative to tackle wildlife crime so important. As a supporter of the TreadRight Foundation, Red Carnation Hotels is proud to be making a contribution to these great causes.

In Africa, this wild species can be appreciated up close, while staying in one of our South Africa-based hotels. By travelling from The Oyster Box in Durban, Bushmans Kloof in the Northern Cederberg Mountains, or The Twelve Apostles in Cape Town, it’s possible to visit South Africa’s great game reserves where wild elephants live alongside an abundance of other wildlife.

Further information on each of these initiatives can be found on the TreadRight Foundation’s website.

Image credits: Cover photo © iStock / WLDavies. African Elephants © iStock / cinoby. Elephants bathing © iStock / Meinzahn. Asian Elephants © iStock / mlharing.

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