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Historical Holidays
Historical holidays with Red Carnation Hotels

A medieval Irish castle and a hotel that endured the German occupation during WWII are among our top stays for history lovers.

05th September 2019

Beautiful Skin
B|Africa's tips for beautiful skin on holiday

From flight to pool, Red Carnation's body care brand gives advice for looking and feeling great while away.

03rd September 2019

Be A Sommelier
What does it take to be a sommelier?

We introduce some of our most acclaimed connoisseurs.

29th July 2019

Sustainable Hotels
Our most sustainable hotels and green initiatives

From the largest Living Wall in London to protecting South Africa's rare Cape Leopard, discover Red Carnation's most inspiring work.



Beautiful Wedding Locations
Our most beautiful wedding locations

Spectacular scenery and immaculate service abounds at Red Carnation Hotels' most picturesque wedding locations.

19th July 2019

Nature Getaways
Amazing nature getaways with Red Carnation Hotels

We divulge our most captivating breaks for naturalists.

04th July 2019

Tips For Travelling Alone
The solo adventurer’s tips for travelling alone

We explore how best enjoy a journey of self exploration and the benefits of going it alone.

03rd July 2019

nardus buys
My Cape Town: Nardus Buys, Head Concierge at 12 Apostles Hotel

As Head Concierge at the 12 Apostles Hotel, to say that Nardus Buys has an impressive knowledge of Cape Town attractions would be an understatement. Whether you prefer to be out exploring the natural landscape on a scenic hike, sampling the best bobotie in town or finding the city’s coolest galleries, follow Nardus to his favourite places. 

28th August 2017

Photography Tips
Five ways to take the perfect holiday photograph

Red Carnation’s Creative Manager, Philippa des Moulins, shares her top tips for capturing the perfect holiday snap.

15th August 2017

Golden Keys Concierge
Red Carnation Hotels and the Golden Keys Concierge

How a Golden Key Conceirge makes Red Carnation Hotels service the best there is.

12th May 2016

Masood Sadulla
Interview with Masood Sadulla: Head Concierge at The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

Masood Sadulla on how to make the most out of Cape Town.

29th September 2015

Christo Pretorius: Executive Chef at The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa
Christo Pretorius: Executive Chef at The Twelve Apostles

Christo Pretorius, Red Carnation Chef of the Year, on the love that goes into his food.

19th December 2014

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