At your service

Whether you are planning to visit on business or pleasure, I hope that you will have time to experience some of the attractions that Cape Town has to offer. To help make the most of your stay, have a look at our seasonal specials and events that are happening in and around Cape Town during your stay.

If we can be of assistance in organising a visit to any of these events, please do not hesitate to contact me, or any member of the Front Desk team on +27 (0)21 437 9000. We hope to welcome you to the hotel soon.

We have also introduced a new complimentary Sports Buddies programme. Guests have no reason to neglect their fitness routines while staying at the award-winning boutique hotel in Camps Bay. Staff at the hotel have their gym kit and shoes on standby, ready to train with guests who might be looking for a partner to play a round of golf, game of squash, attend a yoga class or take a hike in the pristine nature reserve behind the hotel. It is highly recommended that guests book their Sports Buddy in advance, for more information contact our concierge on +27 (0) 21 437 9047 or sent an email -

Masood Sadulla, Concierge Team Leader.