A Life in Food

This exquisite volume is a memoir, travelogue, and of course, a recipe book by Beatrice Tollman, president and founder of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection. This celebration of life and travel is filled with recipes from the heart, many of which have been passed down through the family, or discovered during far-flung adventures. All have been perfected by Bea Tollman’s kitchen expertise and experiences as a traveller, mother and hotelier. This is a fascinating collection of personal reminiscences, revealing how a legendary hotel collection was established, as well as the inspiration for some of their best signature dishes.

The book, the recipes, and of course the hotels of the Red Carnation Collection, are inspired by a deep and heartfelt desire to please and satisfy treasured guests. “My love of fine dining and good food was immediately felt from my heart.” Says Tollman, “I have never stopped feeling a thrill of pleasure hearing that a guest has appreciated a good meal and enjoyed a lovely stay.”

A Life in Food is available at all Red Carnation Hotels. All profits in South Africa go to the Amy Biehl Foundation in Cape Town. To purchase a copy of A Life in Food, please email: bookta@12apostles.co.za